18 years of expertise went in Hagen to bridge the vintage and modern world of guitar tones.
Set to have a more “raw” and open sound, a slightly looser feel and an additional channel than the Herbert, it delivers all the sounds in one box. It´s the amp we always wanted to create and we´re very proud of it.

The Diezel Hagen is the ultimate 100-watt head for today’s modern player. It features 4 independent Channels (Clean, Crunch, Mega, and Lead) with 4 independent Eq’s delivering any tone imaginable. Four power tubes and 6 12ax& preamp tubes power the Hagen creating tones from crystal cleans to high voltage crunch to modern metal and soaring leads. The flexibility of controls such as dual master volumes and MIDI programmable FX loop make it possible to access any of the set tones by the push of a single button. The result is a perfect amp giving versatility and functionality for both live performance and studio applications.

CH 1 / The Clean channel delivers a tight focused tone that cuts through any mix. It has independent treble, mid, and bass controls to dial in a precise tone from crystal clean to a warm lush clean. Adding an independent gain setting allows for all the girth necessary to fill any room.

CH2 / The Crunch channel has the range of classic rock tones to modern rock tones. The powerful and independent EQ allows for radical frequency changes to be made on the fly. Adding a separate gain stage and control gives the flexibility to carve out a rhythm tone for any genre.

CH 3 / The Mega channel takes it up a serious notch delivering a dedicated rhythm channel for the most powerful and modern rhythm tones. Dedicated EQ allows for a scooped driving tone to a mid heavy punchy tone. The independent gain control delivers a high power compressed sound that stays tight at high volumes allowing the most intricate low tunings to not only cut through the mix but also retain their rhythmic attack.

CH4 / The Lead channel takes the Hagen to another level. The tone can go from tight and focused to spongy with a dedicated EQ and Gain control. The perfect amount of natural tube compression makes playing solos effortless!

Master Section / Master Volume 1 and Master Volume 2 are independent and fully switchable overall volume controls. This allows for 2 completely separate volumes to be set for any of the 4 independent channels.

Deep / The Deep Function allows control of how the Hagen amp reacts with the speaker cabinet. It adds bottom end to your cab giving more girth and bass response. This feature is highly useful when using different size cabinets.The Presence control adds just the right amount of sparkle to any of the 4 channels.

MIDI / MIDI allows for any of the 4 independent channels to be fully programmable and switchable with a midi foot controller. This gives you access to each channel with the capability to add any desired FX. Programmable MIDI makes switching amp channels with different FX combinations instant.

Output: 100 Watt, biasable in pairs (2 trimmers)
Channels: 4 individual: clean, crunch, mega, lead
Loops: 3, one midi switchable serial, a permanent serial and a perm. parallel loop (with volume ctrl)
Equalization: Each channel with gain, volume, treble, mids and bass, 2 master volumes, presence, depth
Preamp: 6x 12AX7 tubes
Poweramp: 100 watt with 4 power tube
Dimensions: 74 x 28 x 27 cm / 29″ length x 11″ wide x 10.75 high
Weight: 24 Kg / 55lbs