The Diezel Columbus MIDI controller gives you full switchablity functions. The Columbus connects via MIDI and is phantom powered from the amplifier connection. It can also be used as a stand-alone MIDI controller for any midi device. The rugged construction and super bright LEDs make it a must have accessory.

There are numerous midi-switchers, but just one Columbus: It starts at “0”, hooks via a XLR to Herbert, via standard midi-cable to the VH4 and other amps.

  • Columbus gets its power via phantom supply off your Herbert or VH4(S). The bright display is visible even on the darkest stages – and it is built like all Diezel equipment: like a tank.
  • Columbus is not only the perfect comrade for your Diezel head, but also the central switching unit of more complex rigs: via XLR or midi into the Diezel head – from its midi-thru into whatever fits your needs. Columbus switches either in Omni-Mode or in any (selectable) channel between 1 and 16.

Columbus ships also with an external power-supply (voltages from 90-240 V AC) and can be your entrance to the Diezel world if you should still safe for a Herbert head and you’re already looking for a road-ready midi-switcher.

Switches: 10 high quality switches for maximum channels per bank
LEDs: Super bright blue LEDs show which channel is engaged
Chassis: Rugged Steal construction makes it virtually indestructible on the road
Connections: MIDI connection for use with the VH4 or any MIDI amp. Also an XLR connection for use with the Herbert Amp